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Comical, Whimsical and Otherwise

....whether it's genius or crap is up to you....

7 February

Crap. I hate these. You either talk to much about stupid shit, or not enough about the important stuff and then you sound either like a complete loser or a totally... um.. Heh.


Me, well, I have known about LJ for a while now, have a friend or two or three floating around here so I kinda decided to make one of these up. See how I like it, see if it will motivate me to write more or at least help me keep track of my crazy ideas better?? Which I usually have a ton of for one reason or another and then forget to write it down.. why is it that you get your best ideas in the bathroom?? I always come up with awesome things to write while I'm in the shower and then.. ok, so maybe that's over-share, but you get the point.

General stats:
Short-ish or well mostly average (5'6")
Hazel eyes - which is the best I can describe it because they constantly change on me from one day to the next..
Brownish-red hair. Sorta. More brown than red, but anyway.
Weight is more than I want to mention, but if you really want to know, I'll tell you.

Um.. that's about it. For now.. *evil grin*

And now the interests because I can't have more than four words and I refuse to be limited!

Music: Anything with an awesome beat, lyric or harmony (even some country - though I'm loath to admit it at times)

Books: Anything! Really.. don't guarantee I'll finish it, but at least I'll try to read it.

Movies: Sci-fi, Comedy, Romance, Zombies.. zombie comedy romance??

Hobbies: Gardening, Hiking, Traveling, Writing, Yoga